Indigenous Terra Madre 

In 2011 Slow Food Sápmi initiated and arranged the Indigenous Peoples Conference in Jokkmokk. 520 indigenous delegates participated along with observers from 27 countries. 

In 2012  Slow Food codified its work for indigenous rights throughout the world. This is a strong statement of support which strengthens Slow Food Sápmi work for the right to land, water, Sámi food culture, language, identity and food sovereignty.  Together with other indigenous peoples Slow Food Sápmi is able to highlight the importance of natural conditions in food production and tradition. The second Indigenous Terra Madre conference will be arranged by the Meghalaya indigenous population in Northeast India during 2014. 

Watch a film from the 2011 event [here].

​The Jokkmokk Agreement

​Resolution from Jokkmokk 2011

Terra Madre

Terra Madre has existed since 2004 and is a major forum and network that gather producers, academics, chefs, consumers and youth-groups to better equip them to influence food production systems with the goal of preserving biological diversity.

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Indigenous Terra Madre