Med Smaker från Sápmi

MED SMAKER FRÅN SÀPMI – in A5 format is a pamphlet containing information, facts and 12 recipes on 19 pages.

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Pamphlet is in Swedish.

Taste of Sápmi

TASTE OF SÁPMI – tradition, inovation, and future. Unique food and knowledge book produced by Slow Food Sápmi within the Luonddu Biebmu project. Sami culinary tradition and recipes are largely oral. Taste of Sápmi gathers them in a way never before seen in the Swedish parts of Sápmi.


This book is the result of an Intereg project about South Sámi culinary crafts, divided between two culinary workshops. One in Sweden and one in Norway. The first part of the book describes activites in Sweden aimed at commercially viable recipes through innovative thinking.

The second part of the book focuses on the Norwegian activites where the focus lay on traditional culinary crafts and methods of slaughter. Also included is a large collection of South Sámi terminology.

The book is in Swedish and can be ordered from our partners. Either use the link to the right or the following contact information:

In Sweden call Gaaltije: +46 (0)72 350 360.
In Norway contact: Anni Gun Mikkelsen

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