1 year membership under 30 years of age 200:-

1 year membership extra person at same address 150:-


1 year membership 350:-

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How to become a member

To become a member of Slow Food Sápmi fill in the form below. Or use the PayPal buttons below the form.

If you have any questions or require additional information please contact a member of the board [here...]

0What a membership is

Become a member of an organisation nearly 90 000 strong that operates in 132 countries. Slow Food Sápmi is a part of the international Slow Food movement, which is a consumer organisation seeking to defend the right to enjoy food and working to preserve harmony between humans, animals and nature. “Good, clean and fair” is the basis of the Slow Food philosophy.

Good - Because food and drink should be enjoyed. In this word we also find the social interaction, the holidays and festive occasions that are connected to food and our culture.

Clean - For a product to be considered clean all part of the production and distribution must show respect for the eco-system. Furthermore food and drink should not contain chemicals and poisons. 

Fair - This means that the food needs to be produced fairly. The production must be socially and economically sustainable. The producers should receive a fair pay for their products. This means that we show respect for those who work with food and for their knowledge. Through this we also get an understanding for the different challenges faced by cultures across the globe. 

When you become a member here you join Slow Food Sápmi. This gives you the opportunity to influence both content and management. Obviously your committment, be it small or large is welcome. You also become a member of the international Slow Food movement. In this manner you support work being carried out across the world. For further information visit: slowfood.com

The following things are included:

• A personal membership card.

• Four issues of “Slow” magazine. You may chose between the English, French. German, Italian or Spanish edition. Please add your preference in the comments field. If not stated we will assume that you want the English edition.

• An introduction pamphlet about the Slow Food movement.  

• Offers to partake in Slow Food activities around the world.

• Discounts on  Slow Food publications and materials. See the website for further information. Slowfood.com

Membership fee

Membership fee is 350 SEK/year.  Another member living at the same address pay 150 SEK/year. For people under the age of 30 the cost is 20 SEK.