Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox

The Duodji Seal

Sámi who are trained or have great experience in traditional Sámi handicraft are eligible for the Duodji seal of approval. This seal guarantees traditional manufacturing or modern products created with traditional means and materials. The Duodji seal is administered by the Sámi Handicrafts Association. 

The Duodji seal may not be used for souvenirs if they have no practical function.


The Renlycka seal of quality guarantees meat of the highest quality connecting to the traditional knowledge of reindeer herding and free grazing reindeer in the arctic environment of Sápmi. The Renlycka companies are small scale Sámi businesses dedicated to crafts-processing of reindeer meat. To them it is a matter of course to know and follow every step of the production chain. From the mountain slopes where the reindeers graze to the consumer they strictly control and maintain quality throughout.

The values of Renlycka are: a pure taste experience, Sámi origins, quality and care for animal and nature. The Renlycka seal is owned by the National Sámi Association.

Sápmi Experience

VisitSápmi is an organisation of Sámi tourism entrepreneurs to promote sustainable tourism in Sápmi. Companies awarded with the Sápmi Experience quality label are culturally and socially part of the local Sámi communities and the greater Sámi culture. They are ambassadors and guides to the Sámi way of life with its set of ancient values and traditions. 



Small scale food-crafts, ecoturism and handicrafts are all growing trends. The human touch is present throughout the natural process, creating unique products with a taste, quality and identity unmatched in industrial production. This creates a product found nowhere else in the world. The services and products are based on local ingredients, genuine quality and personal encounters with people who know the whole history. On this page you will find a guide to different Sámi seals of quality to help you to find these experiences. 

Good, Clean and Fair