Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox
Photo: ©Helena Andersson
Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox
Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox
Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox
Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox

Kristoffer Åström

Chef Kristoffer Åström hails from Southern Sápmi and cooks according to themes like sot and snow. He is a two times runner up in the Sápmi Awards, both in 2012 and 2013, and has attended the culinary education at Samernas Utbildningscentrum (the Sámi Centre of Education).

Kristoffer is a contributor to the “Smak på Sápmi” cookbook and is a mentor at the Slow Food Sápmi culinary workshops.

“To me Sámi cooking is pure tastes of nature”

Kristoffer runs Café Gasskas in Jokkmokk

Helena & Peter Andersson

Helena and Peter Andersson are reindeer herders who also process meat and run a farm shop in Grövelsjön.

In 2014 their Gurpi (special reindeer sausage) was the winning contribution from Dalarna in TV4:s program "Sveriges skönaste gårdar”, where it was judged on taste, marketing potential and sustainability. The dish is featured in the ”Smak på Sápmi” cookbook.

“Gurpi is made using ingredients that are mostly used at peoples homes” says Helena.

Britt-Inger Blind

Britt-Inger Blinds wealth of experience has been a great resource in creating the ”Smak på Sápmi" cookbook helping with fact checking, selecting material and by contributing her own recipes. She has done this as part of her work with the project ”Sámiskt mat & kompetenscentrum” (Sámi food and competence centre) in Jokkmokk. 

“I cherish out traditional cooking, its documentation and development.”

- Britt-Inger

Photo: ©Slow Food Sápmi/Bianca Brandon-Cox

Andreas Lidström

Chef and game refiner Andreas Lindström contributes to the ”Smak på Sápmi” cookbook with several recepies, including the one he competed with in the 2013 Sápmi Awards.

He operates the company Lapplands Viltprodukter

Greta Huuva

Greta Huuva of Dragnäs is the official culinary ambassador of Sápmi. Her herb-spiced reindeer patty was awarded a gold medal in the Matverk Lappland competition in 2013 and was given the “Bästa Lokalförankring” award in 2014.

In the ”Smak på Sápmi” cookbook she shares some of her extensive knowledge of Sápmi mountain herbs and the efforts of creating a certification system. 

“Herbs reproduce differently than berries. If you harvest them without care you are likely to destroy entire populations.”

Greta operate Viddernas Café in Jokkmokk.

Ingrid Pilto

Recepie maker Ingrid Pilto is a three-times silver award winner of Eldrimners Mathantverks-SM (Eldrimners Culinary Crafts Swedish Championship) with products like dried reindeer topside, smoked Arctic char with angelica and Saltbörting (salted fish) in oil. The Saltbörting also received the audience award for best product.

Elaine Asp

Chef Elaine Asp is one of the recipe makers in the cookbook “Smak på Sápmi”. At the 2013 Slow Food Sápmi culinary workshop in Grövelsjön she acted as a mentor and later the same year she was named entrepreneur of the year in Bergs municipality. Her restaurant, Hävvi i Glen, is a quality labeled Sápmi Experience company and featured in White Guide.

Elaine is a board-member of “Gastronomiskt samtal”.​

Culinary Ambassadors