Sámi Food Vision

Sámi Food Vision promote and document the Sámi cuisine. It's manifest has been jointly developed by Slow Food Sápmi, The National Sámi Association and the Sámi Education Centre on behalf of the Sámi Parliament. Together they run local projects to support producers and encourage restaurants and consumers to use ecological and locally produced Sámi wares. 

The Swedish Government has a vision of Sweden becoming Europes new culinary leader. In conjunction to this Sámi cuisine is mentioned as a unique frontline culinary experience. The Food Vision states that food is at the centre of the identity of a living Sámi culture. The Food Vision is based on natural conditions with seasons being central to culinary traditions. This demands a gentle and holistic relationship between humans, nature and animals. The Vision advocates sustainable development with climate savvy technology, efficient use of nature and an eco-friendly use of resources.  A basis for good quality of Sámi cuisine is clean nature, a lively and sustainable Sámi habitat, handcrafted production and a sustainable use of nature. 

Further reading: www.sametinget.se

Slow Food Sápmi

Slow Food Sápmi (SFS) is an organisation that include the Sámi regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. Slow Food Sápmi was created in 2009 because the Slow Food movements ideology of good, clean and fair food was so similar to the Sámi ideology, where natural conditions and a holistic view permeate life.

SFS cooperates with Slow Food Sweden, Slow Food Norden and Slow Food International and has strong cooperation with other indigenous people through Indigenous Terra Madre. SFS is an organisation that represent Sámi food entrepreneurs and Sámi people interested in Sámi cuisine and sustainable use of natural resources. SFS is also an important party in issues regarding Sámi cuisine and the right to produce ones own food.  By becoming a member of SFS you also join Slow Food International, where you contribute to a sustainable future. Through your membership you also support local work and help development and the spread of ideas. You can also take part in gastronomic activities. 

"Together" is the keyword in creating change.

About Slow Food

Good, clean and fair are the keywords of Slow Food. 

This non-profit grassroots organisation was founded in Italy in 1989 by Carlo Petrini to act as a counterbalance to the fast food phenomena, act against stress and create a greater interest in the effect food production has on nature across the world. Customers and producers alike are united for the right to good food of high quality in their communities and in the belief in a sustainable world. 

More than 100 000 members, in over 150 countries are meeting in 1500 local groups, convivia, and in a world-spanning network of food communities.

Läs mer på: www.slowfood.com och www.terramadre.org

About Slow Food Sápmi